Customer Service


What does it mean to be an Emmebassador?

As an Emmebassador you are an independent salesperson.

How much money do I need to invest?

We ask that you invest your time but not your money.

How Will I get Paid?

You get paid on a monthly basis. On the 5th of the next month.

Ex: August payments will be paid on September 5th of each month

How Do I order a sample box for in-home parties?

We ask that you request your in-home party sample 10 days in advance. This ensures that you will receive your samples in enough time. Sample box request should be sent to

How many hours do I need to work?

As a Love Emme Emmebassador you decide when and where to sell  products. Emmebassadorship is a fun way to explore entrepreneurship via social networks or in-home parties.

How to host a Love Emme social?

Hosting a Love Emme social is easy. You have the option to host a social online, in-home, store, cafe etc.

Is there a minimum I need to sell to remain an independent Emmebassador?

As an invited Emmebassador you were chosen to bring and build something new to the gifting industry. Our first year is on us,

*In year two we anticipate revenue quotas to be announced.

Shipping and Return Policy

If you aren’t satisfied with your gift you can return unused or worn items within 30 days for cash and 90 days  for store credit  (in resalable condition and excluding final sale items). A domestic return prepaid shipping label will be shipped with your order for returns.

Once an order is placed we will process all in stock items within 1-2 business days. We provide free ground shipping on orders $50 or more. Additional shipping times are available at the standard carrier shipping rates. These rates will be visible at checkout.