Trading Grace- How & Where We Hand-Select Our Products

Love Emme is the place to shop for the perfect gifts for any occasion.  But what about all the “behind the scenes” business that goes into picking each trendy item we love so much? We definitely can thank one place that provides the best curated merchandise and brands from the best independent designers, and that’s the Capsule Trade Show!

There are many trade shows out there, but Capsule is one of a kind.  Unlike most trade shows, they do not accept any and every vendor.  Talk about exclusive! You know you are going to get the best of the best, top quality items that best fit what Capsule represents.

The Capsule Trade Show happens twice a year and the buyers over here at Love Emme make sure to attend both.  Registration is a breeze, purchases have always been successful, and most importantly you get first dibs on new and unique brands and products that have yet to be discovered by major retailers.

These brands are perfect for our gift-givers and even more perfect for our Love Emme Squad.  Capsule provides one of Love Emme’s top sellers! The Kitsch gift set has brought Love Emme the most business and represents exactly what we stand for; a stylish set of earrings with a matching fun necklace, perfect for gifting for any occasion, and it’s affordable!

Other popular brands ordered from Capsule include Neo Classics and Fallon and Royce. “Fallon and Royce [has bags with] fun sayings on them like ‘More Issues Than Vogue,’” says Antoinette Arnold, the buyer for Love Emme who found out about Capsule through another trade show called Magic. “This would totally fit the ‘M’ squad girl’s personality.”

A lot of thought goes into choosing the perfect merchandise. It’s the stories behind most of the brands and their capabilities that make them stand out.  Whether the product is dual functioning--both a cute hair tie and fashion bracelet, or simply special because they were handmade in Kenya, they exude individuality.  Capsule has done wonders for Love Emme.  It’s opened opportunities to connect with vendors and designers that bring new and exciting products for our customers that we love and know they will love too!

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