Loco For Soko

The Soko Jewelry Collection has reached new heights on transforming the fashion industry with their innovative approach towards the latest trends.  Each beautifully crafted piece is skillfully handmade by artisans in Nairobi, Kenya.  Pioneering ethical fashion by crafting accessories from sustainable materials such as recycled brass, Soko definitely maximizes the benefit of their producers and the community while minimizing any impactful environmental issues.

“For something to be beautiful, the system that created it must also be beautiful,” says the Soko team as they describe what really goes on behind the production of the popular jewelry.  They have changed the way consumers purchase by promoting a more conscious consumerism while also changing the way the Kenyan artisans produce—working in comfortable, informal work conditions as they lift themselves out of poverty.  What’s really neat is that the artisans even get to communicate through what they call a “Virtual Factory” where they coordinate right on their mobile phones; receiving orders directly and managing the inventory.

Soko genuinely cares about the quality of the product, the consumers’ needs, and the needs of the artisans.  Not only is the stance that they have with ethical fast fashion admirable, but Love Emme also loves how unique each piece is.  Being crafted by hand, each piece has subtle differences from the other and are one of a kind. Whether it’s cuffs, earrings, necklaces, or chokers, the tribal designs appeal to the urban woman.  Chokers are definitely a number one trend in fashion right now, and any of the Soko chokers would be our top picks. They are versatile pieces that can be worn several different ways to go with any look you are trying to achieve.  There is no wrong way to wear this choker. We are absolutely obsessed with how fashionable and eco-friendly Soko Jewelry is.

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