Fashion Meets Technology

Don’t you hate it when you are out with your girlfriends having a great time and you want to capture that moment, only to check your phone and see that you have just 5% battery life and nowhere to plug in?  Well, Mighty Purse has solved this modern day dilemma with a high tech, high-quality bag.  It’s a purse that charges your phone. You won’t miss a snap shot ever again!

No matter if you have an Android or an iPhone, love fringe or love prints, the HButler charge purse is compatible with all smartphones and all looks. How cool and convenient is it to have a bag that matches your swag and your lifestyle; trendy, stylish, on the go, and charged up!  From snake prints and studded leathers to pastel colors and glossy finishes, there is no outfit the wristlet cannot compliment.

The fringe cross-body bag is also an essential accessory that should definitely hang in your closet.  Fringe was one of the top five biggest looks during New York Fashion Week Spring 2016.  However, the shredded look is a year-round trend.  The adjustable straps adjust to your look.  Wear it as a cross-body bag when you are charging your phone on those long road trips, or as a shoulder bag when you are charging while exploring a festival. Night on the town? Simply remove the straps all together and rock it like a clutch!

Get a purse that is lightweight and keeps you connected all the while staying fashionable and savvy.  Show off your style and never let your phone be powerless again!



Anthea Dennis 

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